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The electric paint spray gun is a very affordable device, easy to use, and suitable for any type of paint renovation.

We present here the models of electric paint spray gun chosen for their performance. Models of electric paint guns that we present to you here are all effective.

To choose one of these pistols, we advise you to identify the criteria which are essential for you.

Is it the yield, the volume of the bucket, the versatility, the ease of handling, the number of equipment included, or the price?

It is also prudent to read our guide to choosing the right paint sprayer. It’s up to you to make the right choice

Which is the best electric paint sprayer?

Wagner’s electric paint sprayer: the W 180 P is the best. If you choose the electric paint sprayer from Wagner, know that it is perfectly suited to all renovation or repair work. With this device, you can cover your surfaces smoothly and evenly with paint, thick lacquers, stains, varnishes, impregnating products or oils.

The Wagner electric paint sprayer is efficient and inexpensive: you can get a smooth and uniform finish.

With its power of 110 W and its output of 270 g / minute, you can cover an area of ​​10 m 2 in just 13 minutes! Its performance is remarkable considering its size and weight ( 1.5 kg ). It is nevertheless preferable to make dilutions with water or solvent of the products before starting the spraying.

Thanks to a precise adjustment knob, it is very easy to adjust the airflow according to the type of application. With this electric paint spray gun you therefore always get a uniform and flawless finish.

On the other hand, to benefit from the maximum performance, it is preferable to keep the electric paint spray gun as horizontal as possible when spraying. Thus, to spray up or down (ceilings or floors), it is recommended to acquire the flexible nozzle connection, not included in the delivery.

Is it worth buying a paint sprayer?

Yes, it is worth buying a paint sprayer.

The best quality/price ratio: a professional HVLP gun by IPOTOOLS

It is a very precise and flexible accessory that can be adjusted according to the object to be worked. Thus, the spray can be round or flat depending on the amount of paint and the air pressure. This gun has 1.4 mm stainless steel nozzles, with a 600 ml plastic cup as well as an air cap and a brass alloy ring.

The best cheap model: WilTec HVLP pro gun

This device is distinguished by its limited fog effects, its high efficiency, its low air consumption and its good vaporization. It is equipped with a 1.4 mm nozzle and offers a spray width of 280 mm. It is one of the most effective and practical inexpensive paint guns on the market.

The best high–end model: Black & Decker low-pressure gun

Here is an electric paint spray gun with a powerful 400 W motor. Its flow rate is 120 g / min and offers a 1.2 l bucket. It has a notched nozzle which allows an easy selection between 3 positions: vertical, horizontal or concentric jet. A flow level indicator allows for easy adjustment of the amount of paint to be sprayed.

How to choose a good paint gun?

Depending on its pressure

Depending on whether you need a paint sprayer to do occasional work at home or to carry out large operations on a building or a car, your choice will not be the same.

Indeed, professional paint spray guns are generally at high pressure and are ideal for intensive use. This type of tool thus makes it possible to paint walls and facades.

On the other hand, if you plan to use your tool only for simple work once every three months, to paint your barrier with an anti-rust for example, or to change the color of your door, a low-pressure electric paint spray gun will very well the case. It will also be suitable for small and medium surfaces, as well as for all your small renovation works.

Depending on its ergonomics

It is important not to neglect your comfort, because it will undoubtedly not be to tire your back that you have abandoned your famous traditional brush. Pay particular attention to the ergonomics of your future pistol by choosing the one that will have the least tendency to make your task even more difficult, in particular, a light and handy tool.

Among the many models available on the market, we recommend for example a paint spray gun with a compressor equipped with transport wheels which will be much easier to move. Other models are also supplied with a belt, allowing you to hold the accessory over the shoulder.

Depending on its flow

Flow is the amount of paint that will be sprayed onto a given surface in one minute. It would always be best to have a device with a flow regulator so that you can control the amount of product that will come out of the nozzle depending on the work you do.

But that’s not all, you will also have the advantage of adapting your gun to the type of product you will use, whether it is paint, varnish, hovel, or other.

However, flow and pressure are two elements that are related to each other and are often predetermined on electric models. Do not get carried away with too strong a flow, because you risk making streaks. As for a pneumatic paint sprayer, the flow and pressure must correspond to the characteristics of the compressed air compressor.

Depending on the capacity of its tank

If you are sure that you only do small paint jobs from time to time, you don’t have to choose a spray gun with a large tank. On the other hand, if it is to paint entire walls or a facade, there is nothing more practical than a large bucket.

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With the Wagner W 180 P, it is possible to cover an area of ​​10 m 2 in just 13 minutes, which is exceptional given its technical characteristics, such as for example its power of 110 W. With this electric paint spray gun, you have all the efficiency of a large model in a light device of only 1.5 kg.

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