Electric Spray Gun Car Painting

The paint guns cars are the most common element in our day to day with the car. First of all, we don’t usually paint the car. And secondly, if we do, we usually take the car to the workshop.

But that does not mean that nobody paints their own car. And because we have this great paint section, you could not miss a small guide here to choose the best gun to paint your car.

Electric spray gun car painting

Graco Magnum is one of the best electric spray guns for car painting. There are more recommended guns for specific activities, such as a car paint spray gun but Graco is the best electric spray gun.

What is the best gun for painting cars?

These are the best guns for painting cars and their best accessories according to the characteristics proposed. We can suggest you buy the following equipment to paint your car in a professional way so that your car looks like new.

However, at least if we can tell you which type of pistol is the best: the HVLP gravity pistol. Among our extensive catalog of spray guns for cars, the best–rated as well as being the best–selling is the RZ TOOLS Pneumatic Compressed Air HVLP Paint Gun.

Why? For two simple reasons:

They consume much less paint than other types of pistols such as electric ones.
They spray less than typical, lower–priced pistols.
For these reasons, even if you think you save money by buying a low–quality gun, in the long run, that price difference will go away when you buy paint. Better to have a good gun and make the most of the paint.

What type of gun should I use for each type of use?

You should not use the same peak, even if they are all HVLP severity, for any type of action. Painting putty is not the same as doing a small repair. For this reason, the pistols you should use for each situation are as follows:

  • Paint putty: HVLP with 2.5 peaks.
  • Paint primers: HVLP with 1.8 peaks.
  • Base paint or general paint: HVLP with 1.4 peaks.
  • Paint monolayers or varnishes: HVLP with 1.3 peaks.
  • Small repairs: HVLP with 1.0 peak.

As you can see, the smaller the surface, the smaller the beak. That is the general rule.

What guns to use to paint a car?

The most recommended spray guns for vehicle painting processes are usually HVLP gravity spray guns (goblet above) because they consume fewer products and spray less than conventional ones.

Depending on what it is used for, different pistols are recommended:

  • For pistol putty, HVLP gravity pistols with 2.5 nozzles are used.
  • Primers or rigging, HVLP gravity pistols with 1.8 nozzles.
  • The base or paint, HVLP gravity pistols with 1.4 nozzles are used.
  • Mono coat paints and varnishes, HVLP gravity pistols with 1.3 or 1.4 nozzles are used.
  • For small repairs (also called spot repair) 1.0–peak mini–jet guns are often used.

What characteristics should an automotive gun have?

  • It must have a 1.3 or 1.4 Millimeter nozzle which is ideal for automotive paint that is the base and the application of the clear.
  • If you wanted to apply a sealer or a primer before painting, you would need a 1.7 or 2 Millimeter nozzle.
  • You must verify that it is made of metallic materials.
  • An air regulator and filter are needed to help remove any moisture that may be produced in the compressor.
  • When you buy a paint gun, you specify how many horsepower (HP) it needs and how much pressure or how many PSI it must have to make a uniform paint while you are using the paint gun, it also needs CFM air consumption or airflow which are cubic feet per minute. These specifications must be covered by the air compressor you are going to buy.
  • Ergonomic grip, in order to have a superior result it must have a comfortable design so that you can use it without any problem.
  • Spraying, controlling the nozzle is the best option so that the paint fluid is perfect.

Frequently Asked Questions that people also ask:

Can an electric spray gun be used to paint a car?

Yes, you can use an electric spray gun to paint a car. There is no doubt to use an electric spray gun to paint a car.

Can you paint a car with a Wagner paint sprayer?

Yes, Always you can paint a car with a Wagner paint sprayer.

Are electric paint spray guns any good?

Yes, It’s very easy to use.

What kind of spray gun do I need to paint a car?

There are many options for you. But I recommend using electric paint spray or wanger paint sprayer.

Where to buy a car paint gun?

Amazon is one hundred percent safe as it not only arrives quickly at the door of your home but also your low–pressure gun for painting cars will be in the best conditions and they do not reveal your purchase data to the seller.

Our automotive paint guns have the best quality–price, we take very seriously to recommend an excellent gravity gun for painting cars that is according to your budget and needs.

Price of an HVLP car paint gun

The guns for painting professional cars have prices ranging from 16 euros to 98 euros. All the painting machines that we show you have good ratings from other users. Find the best deal on cheap car paint guns that have great reviews and positive feedback due to their quality – price.

These pistols for car pinter are ideal if you have a workshop. You want to cover any damage you have in your car or if you want to change the color of your vehicle without having to take it to an automotive that many times charge a lot. The prices we show you are extremely cheap, so we advise you not to miss out on the offers you find on the day.

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