Harbor Freight Electric Paint Sprayer

Harbor freight electric paint sprayer is the most popular in the World. In order to make a quality repair, it is necessary to have quality materials and equipment. Saving on this is not worth it, as everything affects the final result. One of the most successful inventions of mankind is rightfully considered a spray gun for paint.

How do you use a Harbor Freight paint sprayer?

Airless painting step by step

1. First, clean the inside of the pump to avoid any risk of clogging or mixing with materials that you have previously used. For this, we recommend the maintenance and cleaning products of the Harbor Freight paint sprayer brand.

2. Insert the suction tube into the material bucket.

3. Check the pressure settings of the machine according to the material to be used. The best way is to gradually increase the pressure until you are satisfied with the spray quality.

To avoid wasting too much time in this phase, read the manufacturer’s recommendations on the product datasheet.

4. Start spraying from left to right from top to bottom. Once the first coat of paint is finished, repeat the same thing in the opposite direction, so that the different layers overlap more or less halfway.

Are Harbor Freight paint sprayers any good?

Yes, it has! Harbor Freight paint sprayer is an airless paint sprayer. It’s very nice to spray paint. It is an indispensable assistant and is used in a wide variety of fields, namely in industry, construction, and automotive fields.

The tool is an excellent substitute for all kinds of brushes and rollers. The equipment is ideal for processing large areas and bulk parts of various parameters. For small areas, a do–it–yourself handheld paint spray gun is suitable.

Can you paint a car with an electric sprayer?

Yes, you can! An electric sprayer can paint your car quite well. Never be worry to use it. Before starting spraying, it is necessary to mask the room to be painted. So prepare a lot of duct tape.

Paint sprayer – what is it for?

Paint sprayers are used in a wide variety of areas of life. The equipment allows you to process significant areas in the shortest possible time. Spray guns are used for painting cars, pipes, doors, ceilings, walls, and other all kinds of surfaces. The application is neat and uniform, without flaws, which can not provide the best roller, and even more so the brush.

Manual Spray Gun

The manual spray gun is usually made of aluminum, which makes it resistant to various factors, including the components of paints and varnishes. The design consists of a container for material, a narrowed nozzle. The paint container may be plastic or metal.

Very often the tool is equipped with several nozzles. This allows you to choose the most suitable option. The spray gun has two screws that are responsible for regulating the air supply and the coloring agent. As a rule, the device holds up to 1 liter of liquid.

Electric spray gun

The electric type device is the most popular since it does not require any effort and does not need additional elements. The pressure is generated automatically using a special mechanism, and it, in turn, starts after power is supplied.

The airbrush is equipped with a large nozzle, which provides the easy application of viscous paints and a water emulsion. Almost all models have one nozzle, which is rather inconvenient when applying coatings on surfaces of various types.

What determines the quality of the coating

Of course, the quality of the coating is affected by the device by which it is produced. Depending on the chosen spray gun, the coloring technology changes; accordingly, the result is always different.

When painting with a high–pressure tool, materials are applied to enamel and varnished surfaces. The result is uniform, high quality, and a minimum amount of compressed air is consumed during operation. By spraying paint from a distance of at least 40 cm, the master will get the best result.

Using a low–pressure spray gun, air consumption increases, and then there is a need for a compressor. Work is carried out at a distance of 20 cm and requires a wide hose. This method of application reduces paint consumption, respectively, it is more profitable.

Universal spray guns combine the two previous methods. The device can be used both at home and on an industrial scale.

What paint to choose

In the market of paints and varnishes, a wide range of paints for the spray is presented. It is possible to purchase alkyd, oil, acrylic, nitro–enamel, and water-based paints. For each type of surface, the coating necessary for it is selected. The selection criteria are strength, stability, attractiveness, and durability.

Paint application

Start work by setting the necessary parameters. Adjust the spray gun depending on the size of the surface. For high–quality applications, a distance of 18 cm is used.

But do not forget that for each tool the distance is individual. The coating is applied quickly and begins with small areas. Staining occurs from top to bottom. To achieve an excellent result, it is recommended to apply three layers.

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How to make a simple hand spray gun

You can make a manual spray gun in just a few minutes from a writing pen. To do this, you need a bottle with a cap, a ballpoint pen, a matchbox. Production is as follows:

  • the handle is disassembled, the paste is removed from its core;
  • the rod is washed with white spirit;
  • a rod is applied to the match box from above (on the wide side) so that the tapering head of the handle protrudes beyond the edge of the box;
  • horizontally (from the side where the boxes extend) a cleaned rod is applied so that its head forms an angle of 90 ° with the handle body, but does not overlap each other;
  • the components are connected together by tape or electrical tape.


No matter how the atomizer is sprayed, the result will be much better than with brushes or rollers. The method of applying paint is simple, high speed and excellent quality.

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