Krause and Becker Electric Paint Sprayer

The Kraus and Becker electric airless paint sprayer from Harbor Freight plus instructions. Harbor Freight sprayer is powerful and it is an excellent value I do consider this a professional paint sprayer. It’s important to maintain the equipment and make sure that the pump is well lubricated after spraying.

How do you use a Krause and Becker paint sprayer?

When you use Krause and becker electric paint sprayer, clean the spray gun thoroughly. If not removed the material used for working and corrosion prevention will contaminate the material.

Before use Krause and becker electric paint sprayer, you should Unplug the Spray Gun from its electrical outlet and remove the Container from the sprayer.
Next, you should do fill the Container with warm soapy water, then replace the Container.
Now attach a Nozzle to the paint sprayer. It’s time to Plug the paint Spray Gun into an electrical outlet for work.

In order to make better use of the paint when spraying, a modification of the air spray called HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) was developed. This allows you to remove up to 30% of the spray with high deposits.

All the XTLine spray guns that we offer have this technology at their disposal. So it’s not just a matter of professional spray guns and you can use it at home!

The resulting shape of the beam is circular and the width of the beam can be regulated to a large extent directly on the gun. The HVLP system uses a large volume of low-pressure air (up to 0.7 bar) to spray paint.

It is true that the more air it uses, the higher the spray quality. But also, the lower the pressure of this air stream, the less paint we spray around and the less loss there will be. The result of good air and paint control is high spray efficiency with minimal losses.

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General principles for using a spray gun:

1. We use suitable paints and thinners. We always dilute the paint appropriately.

2. Handle the gun carefully so as not to damage delicate parts.

3. We work with adequate air pressure. We will use an air regulator with a dirt filter on the compressor discharge.

4. We keep the pistol clean. Regularly immediately after spraying, rinse, and wash with water or C 6000 thinner.

5. Spray at the same time with the same pressure and the same amount of paint so that the paint is applied to the surface everywhere in the same layer and in the same shade.

6. When spraying, keep the gun at the same distance from the sprayed area.

7. When spraying, we always start spraying outside the painted object and we also end outside it. Before spraying, we will check the spray and, if necessary, adjust the air or material supply.

Who makes Krause and Becker paint sprayer?

Harbor freight makes Krause and Becker paint sprayer.

Air and pressure spray guns; how they differ

Painting with a brush or roller is easier, just open the can and mix the paint. Sometimes, however, we are unable to connect strokes or apply dirt to the paint with a tool. Preparation for spraying guns is more complicated, but the result is always precise.

If you decide to buy a spray gun, you have a choice of two spray technologies – either air or pressure.

Air spraying

This method is classic and the most widespread so far. Compressed air from the compressor enters the spray gun with a hose, where it mixes with the paint from the container, which is located on the gun. The air pressure is usually 2–7 bar depending on the type of compressor.

The mixture of paint and air is then applied in a crosswise motion to the substrate. The advantage of this type of spraying is that due to the large volume of air, the paint sprays well, the disadvantage is that we spray a lot of paint around.

We can use the air spray gun for both solvent (synthetic) and water-based paints. However, this type of spraying technology is not recommended for stains. For glazes or varnishes, the air is an undesirable factor that affects the appearance of the sprayed surface.

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How to properly apply a spray paint

1. Read the instructions
instructions on the spray can be useful. Take a moment to read it. You will learn there how far to keep the spray from the painted object. How long to shake the can before starting work. The right temperature when applying the paint, how long the paint dries and other useful information.

2. Apply the paint smoothly, continuously
the spray is not a camera, so do not press the nozzle intermittently. To obtain an even layer of paint, spray the paint continuously horizontally or vertically on the painted object. For example, if you are applying paint from left to right, it is a good idea to maintain this direction throughout the object.

3. Use a large cloth to wipe
Do not waste time tiling the painted object with a newspaper, these can be blown away by the paint pressure. Instead, use a large plastic bag or cloth, both as a pad and as a screen. So that you can apply the paint continuously.

4. Place
The colored object on a higher place Do not place the colored object on the ground but place it in a higher place. For example, on carpenter’s goats, a work table or hang it on a wire hook. When you have a colored object on the ground, you will be hunched over first. And secondly, you will not be able to bypass the painted object smoothly, which will affect the quality of the paint.

5. Do not hold the spray directly with your hand
Before holding the spray can directly with your hand, it is better to use a spray gun. With it, you can apply the paint more evenly and comfortably. The color is also better directed.

6. Rotate small objects
Whenever possible, place the colored object on a piece of cardboard or board or hang it on a hook. Then it will be possible to rotate the painted object smoothly and the paint will be applied more evenly. In addition, there is no danger of immortalizing your fingerprints in color.

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