How To Paint Kitchen Cabinets with Wagner Flexio?

So are you planning to paint your Kitchen Cabinets To start your painting job at your kitchen first get your kitchen ready by following these tips.

Cleaning The Cabinets

The cabinets are ready to go they’re empty and we’ve also removed the appliances which is always a great idea we came out yesterday and we clean the cabinet boxes the doors and the drawers.

It’s crucial that you clean off any cooking grease splatter or the new paint won’t stick paint thinner works well for this but any type of degreaser will do. We’ve also sanded everything with a medium grit sandpaper to smooth any wood filler and a scuff up any existing finish this gives the surface a little more to us so the new paint will stick better we then wipe the sanding dust off with tack claws and cockt all the joints for cabinet suite walls and ceilings and all other door panels.

You’ll also want to mask off any of your kitchen that you don’t want paint on including the countertops the backsplash and the inside of your cabinets. We’ve also removed the drawers and doors for easy painting speaking of which here’s a tip for keeping track of where everything goes. When it’s time to put the kitchen back together first put the hinges in Hardware for each door inside.

Using Wagner Flexi Paint Sprayer for Painting Kitchen Cabinets

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The cabinets for the cam comfort also put a piece of tape with the number on it inside the cabinet.  Then write the same number in the recess where the hinge attaches to the door and cover with tape. So it won’t get painted over for the drawers to break the cabinet number on a piece of masking tape and stick it inside the drawer box. Wagner’s flexi oh sprayers are perfect for all kinds of jobs everything from painting your kitchen cabinets to the outside of your house.

What all comes with a Wagner Spray Gun?

Wagner cells to basic sprayers a handheld with wait if the turbine is in your hand and a stationary unit where the weight of the turbine is on the crowd

Here’s some other things you’ll need before you start painting primer and semi-gloss paints.

  • It can be oil or latex buy enough paint for tube tops or canvas drop claws to protect your floor
  • Lightweight plastic sheeting to protect nearby walls furniture and other items from overspray.
  • A damp sponge to take care of any drips painters tape for masking painted pyramid
  • Safety glasses in a dust mask now that you have your supplies and your cabinets are prepped.
  • You’re almost ready to spray every flexy of Prayer comes with a spray poster so you can practice your spray patterns before you start your project.

Testing and adjusting the sprayer

As we were testing I noticed that the air power knob was not turned up all the way which caused us to have an uneven pattern. I’m going to turn it up to the max because we have a thicker darker material that takes a little more air power to continue to spray the detail.

Front end has the air control pattern that we can switch to go vertical we’ll practice that as well now. Now We’re ready to start priming the cabinets we’re gonna start with the upper cabinets and then move to the lowers. But we’re going to first start with the crown molding and then we’re going to move to the inside edges and then we’ll finish up doing the face of the cabinets.

Spraying the Doors

We’ve just finished priming the kitchen cabinets and we’ve moved out to the garage to work on the doors and drawers we have this door sitting on to eat pyramids. We also have tape put in the recess hinges so we can cover up the numbers that we had done earlier we’re gonna spray this door laying down horizontally.

To get a nice clean finish to avoid runs and to get a professional look using the flexi o spray and now priming the drawer fronts and I’d like using a big lazy susan for this this allows me to scan the drawer boxes on the end and spin them around

As I spray notice that I’ve masked off the boxes and I’m spraying the drawer fronts on all sides as I spray this helps achieve an even finish and it sure beats walking around the table trying to hit all the sides after I finish each one

I just pick up the box and set it aside so it can dry and I considered another one using the same lazy susan so we’re back in the kitchen where the cabinets have been primed and they’ve had a couple hours to dry so ready to do our first top coat we are gonna check to see if there’s any rough edges if you find any grab a 220 grit sandpaper or higher go over it and then take a tack cloth wipe down your cabinet boxes your countertops and you may want to go over it with a vacuum just to make sure that you are ready to go and spray your first top color the spray techniques

I showed you earlier with the primer are exactly the same for the top coat will do one coat for the uppers and lowers and then spray a second top coat. We’re painting all the upper cabinets white and the lower cabinets a warm grey for contrast and we’ll do the same thing for the drawer fronts and doors in the garage. Then we’ll let everything dry overnight and come back tomorrow to put the kitchen back together you can see why it was important for us to spray the primer as the cabinets really soaked it in we’ve gone over it now with one top coat and you can hardly see the grain and it’s gone on smoothly

It’s been a few weeks and the kitchen turned out great and inspired the homeowner to change out the cabinet hardware the light fixtures and the wall and trim paint doesn’t this all look fantastic


It’s hard to believe with just a few gallons of paint who took a dark dated kitchen and transformed it into something fresh and modern while saving the homeowner thousands of dollars we hope this video inspires you to paint your own kitchen.

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