REXBETI 700-watt High Power Paint Sprayer Review

Here is the complete review of the REXBETI 700-watt High Power Paint Sprayer. This paint sprayer provides a precise spray pattern, which is further used for creating a smooth and superior finish on the objects.

Tips for Purchasing a Good Paint Sprayer

  1. Design: components that are simplified and have a heavy-duty design. They tend to provide a longer lifespan. They are inexpensive to replace and provide you the best value over other low-quality designs.
  2. Fluid block: in order to give the mixing chamber a breeze, the spray gun should come with easy access to the fluid block.
  3. It should be inexpensive to maintain
  4. It should have a minimal bounce back.
  5. The spray gun should be efficient with high transfer: This prevents the wastage of paint and makes your work done with less pain.
  6. The best spray gun for polyurethane should have features that cut labor time.
  7. In order to minimize wear and tear, the gun should have low fluid pressure.
  8. Less over-spray: The higher is the volume of the material displaced, the lesser is the overspray wastage.
  9. Spray guns should be portable.
  10. It should also have a moisture-free atomizing air chamber.
  11. The spray patterns should vary from ¼” to 12”.
  12. A good spray gun helps in reducing material consumption by 40%.
  13. It should affordable and within your budget.

REXBETI 700-watt High Power Paint Sprayer Review

Being one of the best spray guns for polyurethane, REXBETI helps you to re-paint your fence, door, or exterior wall.

The 700-watts of power provide a precise spray pattern.

It has 3 spray patterns and 6 nozzle sizes. The spray patterns are horizontal, vertical, and circular.

The 4 nozzle sets are in 1.0mm/1.5mm/1.8mm/2.2mm/2.6mm/3.0mm. So with these nozzle sets, you can easily do any painting project. 1.5mm-2.2mm is great for thin paints. 2.6mm is great for latex paint, chalk type paint, and milk type paint.

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  • You can easily regulate your paint output.
  • The spray gun comes with a flow control knob which helps you to adjust the flow to get different paint output.
  • It is very user-friendly, easy to assemble, and easy to spray.
  • The spray gun comes with packaged cleaning attachments that make cleaning efficient.
  • The REXBETI spray gun has a 6.6 ft long power cord so that you can move freely in the large work area. It is very light weighted and perfectly fits in your hand.
  • Also, it is easy to clean and wash as parts are easy to assemble and easy spraying. The cleaning attachments are also included with the package.


  • Since it uses HVLP technology, so it tends to become hot sometimes. One cannot attach the hopper to the sprayer.

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