Wagner 0518050 Control Spray Double Duty Paint Sprayer [Review 2021]

You plan to repaint your car, but the idea of ​​the roller and the brush already discourage you. Why not just use the paint gun. But the quality of the final results will depend on that of the choice. We will, therefore, see in the rest of this article a set of elements on which it is imperative to base ourselves to choose the paint spray gun suitable for its needs.

What is the best spray paint gun for cars?

Wagner 0518050 control spray double duty paint sprayer

Wagner is the best spray paint gun for cars. Being mainly encountered in the world of automobile manufacturing, for painting car bodies, paint spray guns are found more and more in the building sector, but also in decoration, renovation, etc.

This is explained by their great efficiency/speed in the execution of the works, but also their rendering of very good quality, compared to the old rollers and brushes. You still have to know how to use them.

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Why is my Wagner paint sprayer not working?

Maybe it’s not Wagner paint sprayer prime. Try again it will be work properly.

Bosch PFS 5000 E: the best quality/price ratio of the moment

The Bosch brand is no longer to be presented. It has long confirmed its leading position in the field of equipment and tools, whether in the world of auto parts or in the field of DIY and gardening. Here again, the brand impresses us with its PFS 5000 E model, qualified by many as the best quality/price ratio on the market.

Here are some features.

The strong points

Versatile: This paint station is very versatile because it allows you to tackle different types of surfaces with the same device. Whether you plan to paint your walls with a viscous paint or cover your furniture with varnish, or make aqueous stains, the Bosch PFS 5000 E can be adapted to your needs.

Performance: This unit is equipped with a powerful motor of 1200 W, which allows a certain jet power. But what would power be without control? Precisely, this model has an electronic regulator that manages the airflow.

This allows among other things to be able to directly use undiluted, or slightly diluted paints, which reduces the execution time of your work.

Speed: Speaking of speed of execution, the result offered by a paint gun will never be comparable to that of a paint roller or a brush. Thanks to this device, you could tackle several m² in a day, and this with a much better result (uniformity, thickness, etc.).

A summary of technology: In addition to the Paint technology mentioned above, this device also incorporates many others, such as Constant feed technology, which guarantees a continuous supply of paint, which will avoid certain annoyances (air bubbles, lumps, etc. ). We also have the SDS system which greatly facilitates the filling of the bucket, as well as maintenance.

Ease of use: This model is equipped with a 4 m long hose, very flexible, which will guarantee you a certain freedom of movement, as well as a good radius of action.

The station is even equipped with wheels to facilitate its movement from one corner of the room to another. In addition, you can easily wrap the hose around the device, so that it does not bother you during the work.

The paint spray gun for bodywork, what you need to know

It must be said that it is a type of paint gun, equipped with a gravity cup, which allows us to apply paint, primers, or varnish for bodywork.

The paint is sprayed using a nozzle whose diameter is very decisive when choosing. There are different models, characterized by their own pressure and transfer rate values.

Do you want new paint on the body of your car, either because you are a fan of car tuning, or because you want to give it a facelift? For this, you need to find the right equipment, and making your choice in a manner suited to your needs is of course essential. With us, discover the secrets of the body paint gun, and let your creativity run wild!

Paint spray gun for bodywork: characteristics

The paint spray gun for bodywork is a paint spray gun suitable for the use of paints and primers for bodywork but also for varnishes, whether solvent or water products. It is generally a pistol with a gravity cup, that is to say with a reservoir placed on top of the pistol.

Easy to clean system, it allows to lower the air pressures and to optimize the transfer rate, that is to say, the effective quantity of the emitted paint deposited on the support to be painted.

The diameter of the nozzles used depends on the product to be applied:

  • for paints and varnishes, guns are generally used provided with nozzles of 0.8 to 1.5 mm in diameter.
  • for primers, choose larger nozzles. The larger the diameter of the nozzle, the thicker the product can be.

With adequate dilution, you can spray any paint with a body paint gun, so you can choose a versatile model with diameters of 1.3 and 1.4 mm that will be used for all products.

The different types of paint spray gun for bodywork

There are mainly three types of pistols:

The conventional model

It consumes around 350 liters of air per minute and requires pressure between 3 and 4 bars.

Its transfer rate of around 40 to 45% no longer allows it to comply with eco-responsible requirements.

The RP model (reduced pressure)

It consumes 295 liters of air per minute under a pressure of 2.5 bars. The transfer rate is more than 72%.

The HVLP (low pressure) model

It consumes 430 liters of air per minute under a pressure of 2 bars. The transfer rate is over 75%.

These guns exist in the classic form, for painting large areas of the body, but also in the mini–gun form for making connections on small areas.

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Paint spray gun for bodywork: uses

It is imperative to prepare the paint correctly by scrupulously respecting the advice of the paint manufacturer for perfect use of the paint spray gun for bodywork, and to carry out an air adjustment. The system should be open as much as possible.

The grip requires a little control, it is advisable to train with the gun on a piece of sheet metal for a few minutes.

The choice of the nozzle is essential: depending on the products and gun models, you must select the nozzle recommended by the paint manufacturer.

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